A Story of Scents & Sustainability

I love scenting my own home with beautiful fragrances.  I always find different days require different scents and I regularly change my mind depending on my mood!  I have chosen fragrances and products I feel will fit into everyday life but also special occasions, whether its during a relaxing bath, a romantic evening or after the house has been cleaned!  

All my candles and melts are made from soy wax and premium fragrance oils and are hand poured in small batches in Kent.  


The premium fragrance oils used are paraben and cruelty free.   Pendlewick Candles are CLP compliant and all products are vegan friendly.  My packaging is eco-friendly or recycled where possible.


The candle jars and tins can be re-purposed after use, just wash them out with soap and water. The large diffuser bottles can be refilled or used as a single flower vase after use. 


I believe it is important to re-use and re-cycle and my ethos is to limit my impact on the environment which in turn will help you do the same while enjoying my beautiful products to scent your home.


Thank you for visiting Pendlewick Candles.


Best wishes,



Founder of Pendlewick Candles