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A Story of Scents & Sustainability

Having always had a passion for fragrancing my home I finally decided to turn that passion into a business in 2020 and Pendlewick Candles was founded. I have been making candles for many years and take pride in offering candles made with high-quality ingredients and fragrances ensuring you have the perfect scent for any occasion. My products are perfect for adding a touch of warmth and fragrance to your home or as a gift for someone special.


My carefully selected scents are perfect for any moment, whether you're looking to relax and unwind or celebrate a special occasion. I offer a wide range of products, including candles, wax melts, diffusers and room mists to enhance every part of your day. 

Each and every one of my candles is poured by hand, using only premium, plant-based wax and paraben-free, cruelty-free fragrances. The manufacturing process is careful and intentional, and our CLP-compliant products are perfect for any eco-conscious candle lover. 


My candles are designed to provide the perfect blend of fragrance and luxury, while being kind to the environment. Our candle jars can be repurposed after use, and our diffuser and room mist bottles can be refilled so you can enjoy our products while doing your part for the planet. I take pride in knowing every candle I produce is perfect for you and your space.


Thank you for visiting Pendlewick Candles.


Best wishes,



Founder of Pendlewick Candles 

Kent England

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