Time To Sleep Wax Melt Bar


Sleep is our natural way to recharge, rest our minds and restore our bodies. 


Our New Time To Sleep range has been created with restful sleep in mind.  This rapeseed and coconut wax melt bar uses a complex blend of oils including Dead Sea Minerals and Lavender Essential oil helping you to relax and unwind. 


The perfect bedtime ritual awaits you. Time To Sleep.


Never leave burning candles unattended

Time To Sleep Wax Melt Bar with Lavender Essential Oil

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  • Scented 50g Wax Melt Bar made from rapeseed and coconut wax . Colour and shape may vary. Up to 40 hours scent time per bar. Highly fragranced and long lasting. Hand poured in Kent, England.

    Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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